Mimi Ghandour is the founder of Mimi Yoga Studio and Mimi Yoga, a lifestyle brand and global yoga community with members in over 64 countries worldwide. Known for her signature power flows, enchanting mantras, and positive, infectious energy, Mimi will get you moving and flowing.



Janet became an instructor after completing Mimi Yoga RYT-200 Teacher Training in 2021. She has also completed advanced training with master yogi Paul Toliuszis in Miami as well as the Baptiste Yoga Institute. Janet incorporates uplifting messages, breathwork and meditation into her classes.



Ewa was Mimi’s first yoga teacher and today co-teaches the Mimi Yoga Teacher Training and leads the Mimi Yoga guided meditation training. She holds dual certifications in Skanda Yoga (500h) and Jivamukti Yoga (300h) and is also a certified hypnotist (CH).



April first discovered yoga when studying dance and business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Upon completing her teacher training she had the opportunity to open her own yoga retreat center in northern New Mexico at a private resort. Today April continues to teach alignment-based vinyasa flows, inspired by the music and practices she's learned from around the world.



A lifelong soccer player, David's always been on the move. After suffering sport-related injuries, David found his way into a hot yoga studio and has never looked back. Upon completing his 200-hour Teacher Training, his mission is to create a space where students can discover more about how their bodies can move in ways they have never experienced. There's a little bit of everything in each of his unique flows, including the promise you'll walk away feeling stretched, refreshed, and inspired to practice more.



Fueled by her lifelong passion for fitness, in 2000, Gina became a certified personal trainer, a Polestar-certified Pilates mat instructor in 2003, in 2008 she received her PMA certification on Pilates studio equipment, and in 2019 completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Today she teaches both yoga and pilates with compassion and intellect and hopes to bring a smile and positive energy to everyone who takes her class and make it a unique and memorable experience.



Jessica’s yoga journey was initially fueled by her passion to introduce this physical and spiritual practice to the younger generation. A Miami native, certified and trained with The Inspired Life, she incorporates a union of playfulness and freedom to her creative sequencing. Jessica feels immense joy and fulfillment seeing her students discover their own personal yoga journey while connecting on a soulful level.



After years of playing vigorous competitive soccer, training, and experiencing the constant pressure of having to perform, when Julia found yoga it created a new world for her. Julia has completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training along with an additional 100-hours in teaching inversions and 50-hours in Ayurvedic medicine. Julia's hope is for her students to experience the transformation and compassion that yoga has brought to her life.



A New York transplant in Miami, Lihn loves to bring a perfect mix of the fast-paced life with meditative bliss when sharing her love and knowledge of yoga with her students. Creating a safe and empowering environment that welcomes all, no matter where they are on their yoga journey, is the most important part of being a teacher for Lihn.



Maria first discovered yoga in 2010 as a way to combat the stress of marathon and high-intensity training; however, she quickly came to appreciate the mental and restorative benefits the practice provides. She received her 200 RYT certification through Tropical Vinyasa in 2017 and in 2021 transitioned from practicing law full-time to teaching yoga.



Mariana found yoga eight years ago during a transitional period in her life and discovered its grounding and centering benefits. It also fueled her to immerse herself in the practice, leading her to receive her RYT-200 with Mimi Yoga in 2021. She has since focused her energy on teaching as well as deepening her knowledge in all areas of yoga, meditation, and wellness. 



Mariel is a Guatemalan native living in Miami who fell in love with teaching yoga after completing Mimi Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in 2021. Today, Mariel continues to deepen her yoga practice and teaches a dynamic power vinyasa flow that will connect you with your breath, mind and body.



Nicole's approach to yoga is a journey that takes you through the fundamentals of the practice while exploring unique flows. With Nicole’s hands-on approach as a teacher, prepare for flows that will widen your horizons and encourage growth - all while tapping into your transcendental power with curated playlists and focused readings.



Known for an unmatched lively energy and affectionate title of the “glute girl,” Hawkins’ killer ability to connect with each workout participant has been the key difference maker in transforming countless lives. With a dedicated client list that includes models, professional athletes and media personalities, Hawkins has become a sought-after fitness professional for those on the go and those ready to go.



Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, once she discovered Yoga and sound healing, the practice led her on a transformative path unraveling a difficult childhood, suppressed emotions, as well as inherent strengths and deep curiosity for the subconscious mind. Luisa followed her passion for yoga and left her Corporate job to become a full-time Yoga Teacher and Coach. Intentionally designing her flows to promote chakra activation, nervous system integration, and mind-body connections, Luisa’s teaching style emphasizes a fast-paced dynamic sequence with the combination of held postures to optimize the union between breath, body, and soul. She seals her practice with the magical vibrations of sound healing via her sound bowls to maximize stress relief, joint/muscle pain relief, increase body awareness and calm the parasympathetic system. 



Yoga runs deep in Robin's DNA, as her mother was a yoga teacher trained in the Iyengar. However, for most of her life, Robin preferred high-intensity workouts like boxing and running, only occasionally dabbling in yoga. But eventually, she found herself falling back in love with the practice, leading her to make a full-circle decision to become a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200). Robin's teaching style reflects her personal preference when practicing - powerful. Expect to sweat while you disconnect from the outside noise and dance through her classes and to her playlists.



Kourt's journey into yoga began during a challenging period in her life, coinciding with a loved one's own struggles. Recognizing the importance of self-care and personal growth, she embarked on the path of yoga to become the best version of herself. Achieving her RYT 200 certification, Kourt discovered her passion for creating an inclusive and nurturing space for her students. Her goal is to foster an environment where individuals can freely express their authentic selves, free from judgment. Kourt’s hope is for her students to truly experience the spirit, mind, and body connection on and off their mats.



Mica has been practicing the art of yoga for over a decade. Her flow is welcoming to all and fueled by the love and gratitude these modalities have brought into her life. Her personal mantra: “Everything you are searching for is within, quiet the mind to hear clearly”. She is the founder of Gemme Health an intentional platform sharing meditation and yoga. Mica is a certified RYT 200, meditation guide and Integrative Nutritionist via IIN.



After doing HIIT training for many years, Noelle discovered yoga as a way to give her back (and body) a break from high-impact workouts. Falling in love with the soft, fluid movement synched with breath work that yoga classes provide she decided to become a yoga certified (RYT 200). As a yoga instructor, Noelle emphasizes the synchronization of breath with movement, creating a flowing practice that challenges and empowers her students. Whether you are new to yoga or have an established practice, Noelle is dedicated to guiding you through both the physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer.