“I always dreamed of creating a global community where I could share how yoga changed my life. Yoga taught me to trust that life is good, whether or not things are going well. It helped me enhance my patience, feel self love, stay in the moment, and truly relax. And now, I can share my practice with you all day, every day and anywhere." - Mimi

Born in Paris and raised in Saudi Arabia, Miriam Ghandour or “Mimi” is a 200 RYT certified yoga teacher, founder of Mimi Yoga, and mother of two.

Mimi’s background is as interior decoration and fashion expert. She has built a thriving community on Instagram where she inspires and holds space for transformation. She’s also co-founded a successful bakery and is an excellent cook and a food connoisseur that enjoys the sweetness of life. As the founder of the international yoga platform MimiYoga, she shares her life and her experiences in an authentic and inspiring way. When not teaching, Mimi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, shopping and trying new cuisines.

Mimi’s classes are athletic with a strong focus on toning the muscles and breaking a sweat. She creates a safe space for everyone’s unique expression. Perfectly imperfect is her motto, since striving for perfection will only set you up for disappointment or make you fear trying. She encourages her students to ‘mind your own business which means - focus on what makes you happy. Let go of the need to compare yourself with others.

When not teaching, Mimi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, connecting with her community, and enjoying life through fashion, food, and travels. Mimi is honest, straightforward, warm, and nurturing. She approaches every day with the attitude, life is too short to worry about what anyone else is doing!