Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Description


All classes feature Thermazone Black Body Infrared Heater Panels and class temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit/37.78 degrees Celsius. We recommend you hydrate the night before class & come ready to sweat! 

[Infrared Heated]

You will be guided through an energetic, faster-paced flow with dynamic sequencing that features quicker transitions from one asana to the next while focusing on connecting deeply to your breath. Class is open to all levels, and each Mimi Yoga Studio teacher will bring their own individuality, style, and music. Expect the unexpected! 

[Infrared Heated]

This all-levels flow is designed to connect mind, body, and spirit and will help to improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. From relaxed to challenging poses offered in a dynamic and progressive way, this class will have you fully connected and thanking yourself for showing up. Open to all levels. 

[Infrared Heated]

You will be guided through a fast paced flow with dynamic and advanced sequencing that features transitions from one asana to the next while focusing on building strength. This class is recommended for experienced yogis who are looking to challenge themselves! 

[Infrared Heated]

Restorative yoga reduces stress and inflammation while restoring balance in the parasympathetic nervous system. Slower movements cultivate space for a deeper experience. Poses are held for an extended period, allowing students to experience the benefits of each posture with low risk for injury. 
Vanessa creates the optimal class conditions of calm and joy for her students through her music, guided meditations and visualizations. 

[Infrared Heated]

Prepare to flow through a sequence of poses thoughtfully designed to work your body in a safe yet challenging way, while vibing to Hip Hop and R&B beats. Open to all levels. 

[Infrared Heated]

Set to R&B inspired music, this class creates the perfect vibe to help you usher in your weekend. You'll flow through a creative sequence thoughtfully designed to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Open to all levels.

[Infrared Heated]

Flow into your power in this hypnotic yoga flow set to upbeat music. All levels are welcome and will be supported as there are opportunities to advance your practice and spiritual connection in a fun, safe, and friendly space.

[Infrared Heated]

Envisioned by renowned yogi Baron Baptiste, access your vitality and whole body awareness as you are led through 11 series totaling 53 postures. You’ll explore all five essential categories of asana in this class — standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions — all of which build upon the previous series and play a potent role in the overall practice. 

[Infrared Heated]

A unique class style that combines low-impact movements utilizing pilates rings and ankle weights that engage  and sculpt the glutes with constant with nonstop motion. Set to high-energy hip-hop and rap, expect maximum output and a high level workout. 

[Infrared Heated]

A fusion of yoga and pilates, this core-challenging yoga class focuses on asanas infused with lengthening and strengthening pilates movements focusing on your core and full body toning with complimentary weights and pilates rings. Open to all levels.

[Infrared Heated]

This hybrid class incorporates a 30 minute vinyasa flow followed by deep stretch and relaxed cool down to reduce stress and restore balance.